Energy Audits for Homes in Mesa, AZ

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A home energy audit conducted on an appliance in Mesa, AZ
Convenient Home Services, Inc. is proud to announce we have several BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certified Professionals who are able to perform whole house energy audits on your home or business. Using high tech equipment like infrared guns, blower doors and other instruments, we're able to tell whether you have “hot spots”, leaky duct system, inefficient insulation and other energy pitfalls in your home or business. This analysis of your structure's energy efficiency is critical for those cost conscious home/business owners who are looking to save money and electricity each month, meanwhile ensuring your home/office is comfortable through every season.
Since we are BPI Certified and “Qualified Contractors” with both APS and SRP, we are able to participate in the “Home Performance with ENERGY STAR” program which is designed specifically to help homeowners save money by cutting down on energy consumption.
Under this program, we'll come out and perform a whole house energy audit for just $99!
This is a GREAT DEAL since a whole house energy audit normally runs between $400-500 without the aid available to you through this program. In addition you will receive an energy savings kit on our visit.

After we test the home, we will return to discuss the results and make recommendations should your home need some energy efficient improvements.
The good news is you're not alone, since we are able to offer homeowner rebates and special financing available through the program which can help you offset the cost of making those home improvements which are beneficial to your home and wallets. Some of those improvements could also qualify for tax credits, so there's hardly a reason not to check out the “Home Performance with ENERGY STAR” program touted by both electrical companies.
For more information and a helpful video describing the energy audit process, follow this link to the APS Home Performance with ENERGY STAR webpage and see how performing this whole house energy audit can help save you money immediately.
If you need more convincing, view our customer testimonials page give us a call. You'll be surprised what people are saying!
Don't Forget! This program runs for a limited time but we will still be able to offer you a whole house energy audit when it's over. Only a BPI Certified Professional is qualified to perform your whole house energy audit so make sure whichever company you use; ask to see if they are BPI Certified.