Duct Testing and Repair in Mesa, Arizona

Did you know installing a new high efficiency a/c unit on your home only solves half the energy efficiency equation especially if you have leaky or improper ducts? It's important to remember your a/c unit and duct system work hand in hand to provide the desired air output and temperature. Simply put, you cannot reap the benefits of an energy efficient a/c unit if there is leaky ducts or improper sizing of your duct system.

Consider the following information found on www.srpnet.com:

“In a typical house, about 20% of the air that moves through the duct system is lost because of improper duct installation. Sealing up leaks can save you $200 or more in annual energy costs and improve indoor comfort.”

Therefore, your a/c unit may be producing at a high and efficient level, however if all the air does not reach its intended destination; it's simply costing you more money to cool or heat the same space as someone who's duct system has been duct tested, sealed and/or repaired. This is why testing, sealing and/or repairing your duct system is a critical to the whole HVAC equation.
Lucky for you, Convenient Home Services, Inc. is Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified and is a "Qualified Contractor" with APS and SRP. Therefore, we can help you save more money each month on your electric bills and qualify you for any rebates offered through their "Duct Test and Repair" Program or other "Rebate Programs" they may offer.
Here are some things to consider when deciding whether you should have your ducts tested:
  • Do you have room(s) in your home or building which are hotter or colder than others?
  • Have you recently replaced your a/c unit with a high efficiency model and the savings on your electricity bill was either insignificant or did not change at all?
  • After the replacement of your old a/c unit, does your new a/c unit still seem to take a long time cooling/heating your home or office?
Poor construction or leaky ducts could most likely be the cause of your hot and cold spots and enormous energy bills. Many new homes and buildings are unfortunately not properly constructed or duct sealed; creating instances where produced air is being used to heat or cool other spaces than intended. This is why you should have your ducts tested, sealed and/or repaired because the distribution of the air is as equally important as the high efficiency a/c unit producing it.
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For a more extensive energy analysis of your home consider the Home Performance with Energy Star Program offered by both SRP and APS. This a $400-500 energy audit performed for the low price of $99! See our Energy Efficiency page for more details!
What Is It Really Costing You?
A poorly operating cooling/heating unit can cost your business:: employee production, customer satisfaction, utilities expenses.
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