Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is flat rate pricing?
Flat Rate Pricing is a standard price for the same repair regardless of the time it takes to complete the project. It allows our customers the opportunity to see they are being charged the same price as others for the same repair. This way the homeowner knows upfront what they are going to be charged for each particular repair and aren't surprised at the completion of the job.
At Convenient Home Services, Inc. we utilize flat rate and it is our company policy that no work be completed without the approval of the homeowner and all repairs and their flat rate pricing be discussed prior to work being performed.
2. What does SEER stand for?
SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and is the efficiency rating used to determine how much electricity it takes to operate your home's a/c unit. The higher the SEER rating (13-21) the less electricity it takes to operate your system. Older units have a SEER rating between 8-12, however new regulation mandates only 14+ SEER product can be installed in newer homes or as a result of the change out of your old a/c unit.
3. What happens if I change out one of my components on my split a/c system, either the indoor section or the outdoor section? Will it affect my SEER Rating?
It is very important that the air handler's SEER Rating (indoor unit) matches the condenser's (outdoor unit) to achieve maximum efficiency. If it does not then you have a mismatched system and your SEER Rating will be inaccurate and your unit will be inefficient. However, as long as the air handler matches the condenser's SEER Rating matches your unit will function at its stated SEER Rating.
4. When should I consider replacing my a/c unit?
When the cost to repair a unit is basically half of what it would cost to repair your current a/c unit, then this would be an ideal time to consider changing out the unit, especially if your a/c unit has a low SEER rating. Running an inefficient unit with a low SEER rating can lead to HIGH monthly electricity bills. So why throw away your hard earned money in electricity when it could be better spent on a new energy efficient a/c unit. The good news is you won't have to pay upfront since we offer several financing programs which won't break your budget and can be paid monthly. Call us today and we'll be happy to review the different financing options we are able to offer.
5. One room of my house is hotter/colder than the others. Why is that occurring?
There are different reasons why you may be experience hot/cold spots but the majority of these issues are duct work related. There are times when you may have stored boxes or had work performed in your attic and as a result crushed a duct run. Other issue could be a pinched duct run that has been run improperly or is wrapped around a truss. In any case, Convenient Home Services, Inc. has the ability to duct test a system and give you an assessment of the integrity of your air duct system. Ask for details on how we can duct test your home and even qualify you for a rebate with either APS or SRP.