16-Point Inspection Service in Mesa, Arizona.


Don't let the name fool you. At Convenient Home Services, our 16 pt. Inspection is a COMPLETE inspection of your heating and cooling system which means both indoor and outdoor sections.

Did you know regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system can also save you hundreds on your utilities bill? This is why Convenient Home Services, Inc. has been a “Qualified Contractor” with both utilities companies for over 10 years. We make those recommendations that keep your unit energy efficient and performing to its maximum potential.
Remember it's easier to “Pay a little now and Save a lot later” and regular maintenance can extend the life of a unit saving you hundreds if not thousands in replacement costs and energy bills.

Our certified service technicians DO NOT work on commission and have a greater interest in providing you with an honest assessment of your unit's actual condition and no work is completed without the approval of the homeowner.
Act Now. Don't let an inefficient and underperforming unit cost you comfort and cash! Have your unit inspected today by a certified service technician TODAY!
Here is what our skilled service technicians are trained to look for when performing a 16 pt. inspection:
Inspection for Heat Pump includes:
1. Check thermostat operation
2. Clean filter or replace (customer supplied)
3. Check system temperature split
4. Inspect fused disconnect
5. Inspect wiring and tighten electrical connections
6. Inspect contactors, relays, and pressure controls
7. Inspect electrical safety circuits
8. Check voltage and amperage to all motors
9. Inspect indoor blower and motor for dirt buildup
10. Inspect bearings and lubricate all moving parts (as required)
11. Inspect belt and adjust tension (as required)
12. Check defrost operation
13. Inspect outdoor coil and advise customer
14. Inspect duct seal at unit and secure panel
15. Explain and document all necessary repairs
16. Run and test system
* Inspection for other types of systems may vary.
What Is It Really Costing You?
A poorly operating cooling/heating unit can cost your business:: employee production, customer satisfaction, utilities expenses.
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